About Us

Feng Shui Numberoiogy was established in 2001. The founder, Mr. Liu Muyin, has been focusing on numerology and Fengshui for more than 30 years. He has worshiped many famous Yixue masters as his teachers. He is proficient in horoscope calculations with fast speed and high accuracy. He is good at Fengshui layout, and adjustments are conducive to Tibetan wind gathering The feng shui layout with the backing of Qi, gathering Qi and wealth, helps the blessing master's life and business to a higher level. He has surveyed residential Fengshui, company Fengshui, mausoleum Fengshui and their construction planning for many enterprises and families all over the country, helping the lucky master to adjust the Fengshui layout to seek good luck and avoid evil, balance Yin and Yang, and benefit future generations.


Dean Liu Muyin attended the dinner for the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France as a special guest. Dean Liu Muyin said: "It is a wonderful fate that I met the former French Prime Minister Villepin again. I haven't seen the Prime Minister for several years, and my head is full of gray hair. The Prime Minister He kindly said that he hopes to bring Chinese traditional culture and Chinese culture to France. Culture has no borders. He likes Chinese culture very much.